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Role of Associates


1. Joining associate must be 18 years of age or older. joining associate must provide complete and updated information, including an accurate name, contact number, PAN & ADHAR number, mailing address and email address. The joining associate must ensure that sponsor and direct or placement information is correct and properly entered. no further rectification can be made once the application gets logged in.

2. Ignitaid btk pvt ltd. will confirm approval of member account by issuing an official receipt and one unique identification Number (ID) will be generated in your name giving you the authentication based on your membership.

3.  Joining associate may not use a false or misleading name, mailing address or email address to activate or use a member account (ID).

4. By signing up this form or registration in website, joining associate is opting-in to become a Business associate and shall be bound by all the terms and conditions, rules and regulations embodied in business program of which a copy shall be read and shown by sponsor of your ID or email address to activate or use a Member account (ID).

5. If a business Associate desires to discontinue his Membership can give intimation at any time and for any reason giving prior notice of 30 days in writing to company, where the company shall not be entitled to any refund after 30 days in cash or kind. Ignitaid btk pvt ltd. reserves the right to track Business associates activity and ignitaid btk can terminate the ID as well by offering cooling off period of 30 days (IBPL)

6. Ignitaid btk pvt ltd. has right, in its sole discretion, to block or cancel registration of business associates, at any time if found that business associates are promoting any products and services which are not not approved by the company through the networks of IBPL. All earnings of the Business Associate may also be cancelled.

7. Business Associate must agree not to earn through other than legitimate channels authorized by company, business associates agrees not to participate in any fraudulent behaviour of any kind.

8. Business Associate shall be the sole determiner in cases of suspected abuse, fraud or violation of Companies rules. Any decision Ignitaid btk pvt ltd makes relating to the cancellation of earnings and the termination membership shall be final and binding from time to at its sole discretion.

9. Business Associates shall comply with all Laws, rules and regulation that are applicable to Business associate and is authorized to be a business associate and shall not act as an authorised representative, agent or employee of company in any transactions and not have any express or implied or extensible authority to bind or made any express or implied representation or warranty on behalf of THE COMPANY (IBPL).

10. Business associate shall be responsible to pay all the applicable taxes. The company provides, and procedure as amended by Ignitaid btk pvt ltd from time to time as its sole discretion.

11. The re-admission of resigned/terminated Business associate lies solely with the discretion of the management.

12.  The company shall be entitled to alter, modify, amend or change the Business programs and benefits from time to time and business Associate Must agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions, rules and regulations embodied there in for by time in force.

13. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the business associate and Ignitaid btk pvt ltd and no other promises, representation, guarantees or agreements of any kind shall be valid unless given in writing.

14. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the country and claims and disputes and other matters between parties of this agreement shall be brought to the appropriate court of law, as through arbitration as the agreement permits

15.For all purposes, only the English version will be taken as the official copy, No printed material by Business Associate is allowed to circulate without the written approval of Ignitaid btk pvt ltd Otherwise Business Associate could be terminated.

16. The company shall deduct Tax at source as per rates prescribed under the income tax act 1961. Any business associate found guilty of spreading any sort of misleading information, can be terminated at the sole description of the management.

17. In the event of any dispute arising between the business Associate and the company relating to any matter concerned with this appointment or the subject there of or in relation to and whether as to the construction or otherwise, the me shall be referred for ABITRATION, as per The arbitration Act 1940. one arbitrator shall be appointed by each party and two appointed arbitrators jointly shall appoint the third arbitrator shall be final and bonded on both the parties. The venue of arbitration shall be subject to sangli Jurisdiction.

18. Ignitaid btk pvt ltd shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages caused by breach, conciliation or suspension of this agreement, whether or not the possible for such damages is known to Ignitaid btk pvt ltd.

19. Jurisdiction in respect of any and all dispute arising out of or in relation to this agreement shall vest exclusively in the court of sangli jurisdiction. Where the company has its registered office address (IBPL).

20. All payments should be accepted in to form of DD/cheques/ net banking/ by legally accepted transactions only and payable at sangli. company shall not be responsible for any cash payment made at any place or payments made to any person except for the cash deposited at head office and also should have a company receipt.

21. Trimming will be applicable wherever it is necessary, business associates should carry identity card and should visit consumers premises with prior appointment/approval.

22.if payment made through cheques/ DD, products will be given only after clearance of cheques or DD. Do not handover cash payment to any of the direct seller/distributors/associates.

23. please study our products & buy at your own risk, no health commitments from our end. results may vary from person to person.

The following terms and conditions control your membership in the Ignitaid btk pvt ltd. you agree that you read and understood this Agreement (AGREEMENT FOR BUSINESS ASSOCIATE ) and that your membership in the Ignitaid btk pvt ltd. program shall be subject to the following terms and conditions between you and Ignitaid btk pvt ltd. these terms and conditions may be modified at any time by Ignitaid btk pvt ltd. please associate in Ignitaid btk pvt ltd. after such modification shall be determined to be your acceptance of any such modification. If you agree to these terms and conditions. please register to become Business Associate of Ignitaid btk pvt ltd.